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  • $25.00

    A professional brand designer will critique your logo and give you constructive criticism, praise, and modification suggestions along with a logo score within three (3) business days. Communication Design will post the critique and a link to your website (if desired) in our Logo Critique Gallery. Email for questions.

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  • $13.58

    Custom web hosting for all of your needs specializing in Wordpress. You control your site with no need to hire web developers!

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  • $55.00

    We will make sure you have a secure site with a lock icon and no warning for your site hosted on our servers.

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  • $200.00

    Have your website designed professionally by the talent at Code Interactive. Prices are dependent on hours, but this deposit gets the production rolling and reserves free hosting for one year ($120 value)!

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  • $139.92 $159.00 -12%

    Wordpress is one of the best platforms to help you take control of your content. Choose from any of the thousands of themes and you'll be able to update your content at will, so no more dealing with unresponsive web programmers. Plus, with this package, we'll host your site (with or without domain) for free!

    $139.92 $159.00 -12%
    Reduced price!
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items